Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung

move it GmbH

Innovative Systems for Individual Rehabilitation

Passive motion with motorized systems – ideal for rehabilitating impaired motor skills of the upper extremities.

move it GmbH

Since 2009, our company has been developing systems for rehabilitating impaired motor skills of the upper extremities. These motorized systems stimulate muscles, nerves and the neural system through passive motion and can thus alleviate different symptoms associated with impaired motor skills.


Many individuals are motorically restricted. Maybe someone you know is affected - or your own motor skills are impaired. In either case, it becomes obvious how important motor skills are. Therefore, those who are affected often put great effort into restoring these skills to the greatest possible extent. However, in rehabilitation, therapists are not available around-the-clock. Self-management can complement conventional therapy and thus plays an important role in the recovery process.

Most providers of training devices for rehabilitation focus on products solely for use in professional settings. There are few, if any, devices for home use available.
Our objective is to change this situation by developing and producing portable, affordable systems for home use.


We want to help motorically restricted individuals who aim to improve their mobility by way of self-management. In order to turn this vision into reality, we develop motion system for home use. Our systems are designed to suit individual requirements and can be used whenever the patient chooses.

Our goal is to continuously enhance our systems. In the future, customers using our motion systems will be able to monitor and measure the positive effects of their training. After all, a sense of achievement increases motivation, and motivation is important for success. This is especially true in rehabilitation.