Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung

move it handtwist uno

System for training the wrist motor function

The handtwist uno is the perfect system for alleviating tremor. The system relaxes forearms and hands, thus reducing cramps and stiffness.


The move it handtwist uno is the ideal training device to reduce stiffness and cramps in forearms, wrists and hands. A rotary motion by 180 degrees forces the muscles to alternately contract and relax, thus relieving the affected parts of the hands and arms. With just a few sessions, positive effects will be achieved. In each training session, the integrated display shows the individually measured values, which makes it easy to track individual progress. The display can also be used to monitor the effect of medication (see image 3, showing how the increased administration of an agonist was monitored over the course of weeks).

The handtwist uno has an integrated, powerful motor, which mobilizes forearms, hands and wrists using rotary motion by 180 degrees. Hereby, muscles in hands, wrists and arms are stimulated and strengthened. Patients with increased tonus or tremor will experience a soothing effect even during the first training session. The system looses hands and forearms, releases stiffness and alleviates cramps.

The handtwist uno features a choice of programs, which work independently or can be combined in order to suit individual skills and therapeutic objectives. Several levels are available, ranging from slow, medium to fast motion. Furthermore, the system features interval stimulation and a 40-minute-program comprising different exercises.

Generally, the handtwist uno has a positive effect on most tremor types. Image 2 shows a measurement of tremor before and after a training session with the handtwist uno. The amplitude before the training (green) is higher than after the training (red), which shows that the tremor has been significantly reduced. Completing a session takes only 10 minutes, but the positive effects may last for several hours.

Besides positively affecting the tremor, the rotary motion alleviates the so-called rigidity associated with Parkinson's. The positive effect is shown in a 1-minute-measurement conducted with handtwist uno, using a representative value for rigidity. As a result of the training, the value improved significantly.

Special features

  • System for training the wrist motor function
  • Positive effect on most tremor types
  • Loosens and relaxes forearms, wrists and hands
  • Different levels and exercises
  • Integrated measuring function, e. g. for measuring training effects or the effect of medication

Areas of use

Hand tremor (in general)
Generally, the handtwist uno has a positive effect on most tremor types, as it loosens the muscles of forearms and hands.

Muscle growth and stimulation of muscles
Strengthens muscles in hands, wrists and arms.

Stiffness and cramps in arms and forearms

The rotary motion significantly alleviates rigidity.
Any area calling for motion induction