Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung

move it fingerwave

System for improving finger motor skills

Let our system move your fingers. No matter when or for how long – the handy fingerwave is designed for home use.


Training with the move it fingerwave is almost like playing the piano – except that here, the keys move your fingers. The fingertips rest on individually adjustable, motor-driven supports, which move up and down. This up-and-down motion loosens and relaxes the fingers, improves their blood flow, stimulates nerves as well as muscles, and activates the neural system. With this passive type of motion, finger motor skills can be improved over time.

The fingerwave features a choice of programs in order to suit individual finger skills: from wave-like up-and-down motions to randomly challenging individual fingers, with adjustable height and speed.

The fingerwave is primarily designed for mobilizing the four fingers. Using the fingerwave with extended fingers primarily trains the finger saddle joint. When using the fingerwave with the four fingers at an angle, all of the respective finger joints are trained. However, the fingerwave can also be used to solely train the thumb.

In case of very stiff, immobile fingers, straps can be used to keep the fingers in place. In addition, the supports can be fitted with extra joints. A wrist strap is also provided.

Special features

  • System for improving finger motor skills
  • Trains motorically restricted fingers
  • Loosens and relaxes fingers and hands
  • Choice of individual training programs
  • Straps for very stiff fingers

Areas of use

Post-stroke rehabilitation
Rehabilitation and aftercare for motorically restricted hands due to a stroke.

Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis
Mobilizes fingers in cases of restricted motor skills due to Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis.

Motion therapy for fingers and hands affected by osteoarthritis.

Post-operative rehabilitation
Post-operative rehabilitation of the hand.

Function (Video)

Here, you can see the fingerwave in action. The palm is placed on a soft pad, and the fingers rest on the supports provided. The system now moves the fingers in a wave-like up-and-down motion. The entire finger is mobilized and the nerves are stimulated.