Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung

move it armshake

System for relaxing and strengthening the arm muscles

The armshake stimulates,relaxes and trains each arm muscle, unlike most other motion systems, which train only parts of the arm.


The training with the move it armshake can be conducted using just one or both arms. During the single-arm training, only one of the so-called satellites is used. It can be taken into the right or into the left hand. The satellite generates a wave with a frequency of up to 20 Hertz, which is transmitted to the arm. As the wave frequency changes in the course of the training, the arm muscles are variably challenged and stimulated, stiffness is released and cramps are alleviated.

During the training with the armshake, the satellites can be shifted to various positions, thus offering even more options to train the arm muscles. Simultaneously taking the second satellite into the other hand results in highly complex motion patterns, which make the training even more challenging.

Special features

  • System for strengthening the arm muscles
  • Trains motorically restricted arms
  • Releases stiffness and alleviates cramps in the arms
  • Positive effect on tremors in hands or arms
  • For use with one or two hands
  • Stimulates the arm with frequencies of up to 10 Hertz

Areas of use

Hand tremor or arm tremor (in general)
Generally, the armshake has a positive effect on most tremor types, as it loosens the muscles of arms and hands.

Muscle growth and loosening of muscles
Strengthening of arm muscles through continuous, variable stimulation. Releases stiffness and alleviates cramps in arms.

Stiffness and cramps in arms

Any area calling for motion induction