Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung


move it motion systems

fingerwave, handtwist uno, armshake and handwave – all our products are designed to selectively stimulate muscles, joints and nerves. Thus, the mobility of motorically restricted body parts can be improved. Our portable systems are designed for home use, as a means of self-training to complement other therapeutic measures. 

move it fingerwave

System for improving finger motor skills

Let our system move your fingers. No matter when or for how long – the handy fingerwave is designed for home use.

move it handtwist uno

System for training the wrist motor function

The handtwist uno is the perfect system for alleviating tremor. The system relaxes forearms and hands, thus reducing cramps and stiffness.

move it armshake

System for relaxing and strengthening the arm muscles

The armshake stimulates,relaxes and trains each arm muscle, unlike most other motion systems, which train only parts of the arm.