Move It - Aktiviere Deine Bewegung

  • fingerwave

    Improve your finger motor skills with 'fingerwave' - the first training system for home use.

  • handtwist uno

    The handtwist uno is the perfect system for alleviating tremor. The system relaxes forearms and hands, thus reducing cramps and stiffness.

  • armshake

    The armshake is the portable solution for training and relaxing each arm muscle.

MedEcon Ruhr

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Der MedEcon Ruhr e.V. ist ein Zusammenschluss von Unternehmen und Einrichtungen, die in der Gesundheitswirtschaft der Metropole Ruhr tätig sind oder zu ihrer Entwicklung fördernd beitragen wollen.


The new move it armshake is available soon. The armshake stimulates,relaxes and trains each arm muscle, unlike most other motion systems, which train only parts of the arm.


We want to help motorically restricted individuals who aim to improve their mobility by way of self-management. In order turn this vision into reality, we develop motion system for home use. Our systems are designed to suit individual requirements and can be used whenever the patient chooses.